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Rules and Regulations

If your water, sewer, trash bill is due on a Weekend, the payment must be in our drop box which is located by the Borough Building’s front door by 7:00 a.m. on Monday morning OR postmarked by the due date. Otherwise, the payment will be considered late and you will receive a penalty.

Rules and Regulations

Leaks and Defective Plumbing:
If owner does not make repairs immediately, the Borough may shut off water service until the defect is remedied.

If owner/plumber needs water shut off to make repairs and turned back on, no fee will be charged during regular working hours (Mon.-Fri., 7am-3:30pm). If before or after regular working hours there will be charges billed (min. 2 hours).

The Borough is not liable for damage resulting from leaks, broken pipes or any other causes, occurring to or within any house or building, or between the curb stop and the meter.

No claims shall be made against the Borough on account of the bursting or breaking of any main, service pipe or water system appurtenance to the water system.

All metered consumption will be billed according to the schedule of water/sewer rates, adjustment may be made for excessive consumption due to leaks and unexplained usages, see Water and Sewer Bill Relief Guidelines.

Meter Ownership:
No owner or other unauthorized person shall remove or disconnect a meter, this is Borough property. If damages occur property owner may be charged for parts and labor.

Meter Tests:
After receipt of a verbal/written request and deposit from the owner wanting a meter tested. (Owner may be present for testing.)

If the meter accuracy is within three percent (3%) the meter is considered accurate and the Borough will retain the deposit. But if the meter accuracy exceeds three percent (3%) against the owner, the meter will be repaired or replaced at the Borough’s expense, and the deposit will be returned to the owner and an adjustment will be made for the current billing period only (unless date of inaccuracy is established), based on test results.

Discontinuance of Services:
If bill is not paid within 90 days of billing date water service may be shut off ten (10) days after written notice mailed to owner, and, in addition thereto, there has been posted a written notice at the main entrance to the premises.

  • A $25.00/shut off fee shall be charged for shutting off water service for delinquency of bill.
  • A $10.00 fee shall be charged for discontinuing refuse service for delinquency of bill or a verbal/written notice from owner to discontinue service (no fee if owner selling property).

Continuance of Services:
A $25.00/turn on fee shall be charged to resume water service for discontinuance of service during regular working hours (Mon.-Fri., 7am-3:30pm). If before or after regular working hours there will be additional charges (min. 2 hours).

Shut off fee and turn on fee, along with delinquent bill must be paid before resuming water service.
A $10.00 fee shall be charged to resume refuse service for discontinuance of service (no fee if owner bought property).

Vacant property is charged minimum bill unless water is turned off (no fee) by verbal/written request by owner.

$25.00 fee to resume water service.

The owner shall provide the Borough access to the meter at all reasonable hours for readings, inspections, testings, repairs, etc., or water service may be discontinued with notice.

Immediately Notify Borough of any faulty meters, leak, or bills.
Office Hours – Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. thru 4:30 p.m.

Billings are done quarterly the 1st of January, April, July, and October.

Readings are taken the 1st of December, March, June, and September for the above billing dates.

Bills are due the 1st of February, May, August, and November.

Read Date Bill Date Due Date
December 1st January 1st February 1st
March 1st April 1st May 1st
June 1st July 1st August 1st
September 1st October 1st November 1st

Failure to notify the Borough Office of non-receipt of quarterly bill shall not absolve property owner from payment of quarterly billings or penalties, as prescribed by ordinance. The Borough accepts payments that have a post-marked date on the 1st or before the due date, and in the drop box before Borough Office opens on Monday, if 1st is on the weekend. A 10% Penalty Charge for first month on bill not paid by due date on bill and an additional 3% Penalty Charge on bill not paid 30 days after first overdue month.

10% Penalty 3% Penalty
February 2nd March 2nd
May 2nd June 2nd
August 2nd September 2nd
November 2nd December 2nd

Readings are read in thousands of gallons, reading is used for both water and sewer charges. The owner of a property provided with services shall be liable for any and all charges to said property.

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