Wood Cutting Permit:
You can obtain a Wood Cutting Permit at the Borough Office to remove timber from our woodlands for your wood stove/fire place. The cost is $20 for one 3/4 ton truck load.

Yard Sale Permits:
If you are planning on holding a yard sale in the Borough, you must obtain a Yard Sale Permit. You are permitted a one-2 day yard sale or two-1 day yard sales. Your first permit is at no charge, but the second sale costs $5. You are supplied with four signs. These are the only signs you may use in the Borough; however, you may place your own sign in your yard.

Portable Pool Permit:
If you are considering buying a portable/inflatable pool that has at least 24″ of water depth, you need to obtain a building permit from the Borough Office. These pools are considered swimming pools according to the PA Uniform Construction Code. If you have any questions regarding these pools, contact the Borough Office.

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*If your water/sewer/trash bill is due on a weekend, the payment must be in our drop box located by the front door by 7 a.m. Monday or postmarked by the due date. Otherwise, it will be considered late and receive a penalty.
*The Borough does NOT accept post-dated checks.
*Please keep owner and renter contact info updated with the Borough office.