waterWater Chairman–Abby Keiser  (717) 413-6483
The New Holland Borough water operations consist of numerous facilities and a variety of supply sources. The system includes four well sources which serve customers, which provide alternative use capability to the system so as not to over-use any particular well. There are two elevated water storage tanks as part of the system. These help provide some storage, but also importantly provide better fire supply demand as well as helping the system maintain consistent pressure to its customers. Water department operations are overseen by Supervisor Clete Stone. The phone number for the department is 717-354-4567.

Sometime in the next two weeks, a generator will be running on a 24 hour basis for approximately four days adjacent to Nolt’s Pond for well testing of the future well at Groff Park.

 Specs for Construction of Water Facilities


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*If your water/sewer/trash bill is due on a weekend, the payment must be in our drop box located by the front door by 7 a.m. Monday or postmarked by the due date. Otherwise, it will be considered late and receive a penalty.
*The Borough does NOT accept post-dated checks.
*Please keep owner and renter contact info updated with the Borough office.