Waste Water

Waste Water Chairman–Abby Keiser (717) 413-6483
The New Holland Wastewater Treatment plant was originally built in 1940, modified in 1959, upgraded in 1988 and upgraded again in 2012 to meet the newer discharge limits. The plant serves the Borough of New Holland and small portions of Earl and East Earl Townships. The treatment plant currently treats approximately one million gallons of wastewater per day using advanced secondary treatment technology consisting of preliminary treatment using a mechanically cleaned fine bar screen and automated grit removal, a three channel activated sludge oxidation ditch with supplemental diffused aeration, two secondary clarifiers, a single final clarifier and two chlorine contact tanks to provide disinfection before discharge to Mill Creek. The plant consistently removes over 98 percent of the biochemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, and ammonia nitrogen and reduces the phosphorus by over 85 percent. Solids removed during the treatment process are thickened in a gravity thickener then pumped to an aerated sludge holding tank before being dewatered using a belt filter press and stabilized with the Turdle alkaline stabilization process to produce Class A, Exceptional Quality Biosolids suitable for beneficial reuse. There are two pump stations included in the collection system; one on West Main Street, the other on East Spruce Street.

The wastewater treatment plant is located on South Custer Avenue at the corner of Phillip Road. Visits can be scheduled.

Specs for Construction of Sanitary Sewer Facilities

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