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Streets Chairman–Terry Mohler (717) 575-4552

The Borough’s Streets, Parks and Maintenance Department covers a wide range of responsibilities for the community. The Department is responsible for over 14 miles of Borough owned streets through all four seasons. It oversees and assists with the maintenance and upkeep at the two Borough owned parks, Community Memorial Park and Groff Memorial Park. It is also responsible for the general maintenance and repair of the general use buildings and properties owned by the Borough.

Maintaining the Borough’s streets is a large job and usually the most visible of the Department. Routine annual maintenance includes many elements such as crack sealing, pot hole repair, sign installation and replacement, street paint markings, crosswalks, stop signs, curbside weed control, traffic signal bulbs, parking meters, storm drain culverts and collection system, regular and emergency response assistance for water and sewer operations, and so on.

The seasonally much more visible activity is the maintaining of open and safe streets for the Borough when there are significant snow or ice events. This is always a challenge as it seems no two storms are ever the same and there are many in-street items to deal with in a Borough when plowing including water and gas system valves, wastewater, storm drain and other utility manhole covers, parked vehicles, cul de sacs, other dead ends and so on. Plows in the Borough cannot be set at street level, they are raised approximately ½ inch to avoid these in-street items. There is a systematic approach used for the plowing efforts, so higher volume, main thoroughfares are done first; most cul de sacs, which present additional challenges for space available and equipment needed, are completed last. The intensity of the storm, the on-going weather conditions, wind, equipment breakdowns, all impact the ability to plow and salt and stay ahead of severe weather events. The Borough crew does provide immediate response assistance to Police, Fire and/or Ambulance calls if they are needed during the plowing process.

Remember—as the plowing process continues, the plows will return to your street numerous times to widen the open cartway. This allows additional space should additional storms follow one another. It is recognized that many driveways have been opened (and re-opened) by the owner by this time; however, an open street remains the priority. There is no practical manner to by-pass driveway openings.

Also remember, your snow is not to be thrown onto the street.

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*If your water/sewer/trash bill is due on a weekend, the payment must be in our drop box located by the front door by 7 a.m. Monday or postmarked by the due date. Otherwise, it will be considered late and receive a penalty.
*The Borough does NOT accept post-dated checks.
*Please keep owner and renter contact info updated with the Borough office.