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The planned expansion of New Holland Borough Hall to provide additional police operational and garage space is now underway.  The expansion is to take place on the west side of the existing department area.  The current operations area of the department not including some maintenance garage area use and restrooms is approximately 1,650 square feet.  The new office area is to provide a larger work space for the officers, two additional temporary holding cells, additional interview rooms, a second evidence room and a new safer ammo storage area, and totals about 1,700 square feet.  The other part of the expansion includes a six bay police vehicle garage which is about 2,200 square feet.  Police Chief Don Bowers reported that the expansion is to address some current officer safety concerns related to the handling and processing of prisoners and the separating of such activities from public or other employee areas as well as to provide more up to date interview rooms.  The garage area provides not only for police vehicle security but keeps them out of the winter weather which can damage the electronics.  He noted that the addition is not designed for any real future personnel growth of the department as the department is about the right size for the Borough and its service to Earl Township.  The addition project contract is with MccGenCon, Inc. of Parkesburg at a cost of $572,680, which with the preliminary demolition and preparation work as well as the follow-up work will result in a total estimated project cost of $645,000.  The project is being funded from the Borough’s capital reserve fund and did not involve a tax increase or the need to borrow money.  The project is expected to be completed by early July.

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