Building Permit Info

New Holland Borough allows selection of one of the following three inspection firms for residential, commercial and manufacturing construction work:

Associated Building Inspections, Inc. 717-733-1654
Code Administrators 717-859-3350
Commonwealth Code Inspection Service 717-664-2347

The Building Permit process is the same for all Permits. A permit application must be filled out and four sets of plans submitted with the application at the Borough office. Along with construction work details, for any change in the exterior walls of any structure, a plot plan must also be included with the submittal. The plans are then reviewed by the selected firm for code applicability and completeness. A set of plans is returned to the applicant, with applicable costs. The Borough office will notify the applicant when the Permit is ready to be picked up. Work phase inspections are scheduled directly between the contractor and inspection firm. After all work is properly completed and inspected, the Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.

ABI Residential Fee Schedule 2018
ABI Commercial-Industrial Fee Schedule 2018

Code Administrators Residential Fee Schedule 2018
Code Administrators Commercial Fee Schedule 2018

Commonwealth Residential Fees 2018
Commonwealth Commercial Fee Schedule–2018


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*If your water/sewer/trash bill is due on a weekend, the payment must be in our drop box located by the front door by 7 a.m. Monday or postmarked by the due date. Otherwise, it will be considered late and receive a penalty.
*The Borough does NOT accept post-dated checks.
*Please keep owner and renter contact info updated with the Borough office.